be my doctors *_________*

Wish that I
Could tell you
That it’s all alright

QRO: And how was Europe in July?  Had you ever played Poland and/or Finland before then?

AW: Yeah, we have played both of those places.

Actually, Poland is our number one market… [laughs] Which we discovered about two years ago, at that very same festival, Heineken Open’er Festival.

We had no idea what to expect, because I think Poland operates on kinda like Soviet era - I think the black market for downloading mp3s is just the same as bootlegs before the Berlin Wall fell down, you know?  So we had no way of gauging how popular - we sold probably two CDs in Poland, but we arrived in Poland two years ago to chants of, [in Polish accent] “Yea-Sey-Yer!  Yea-Sey-Yer!”  And everyone knew all of our songs - we were just in shock…

So actually playing that Polish festival on July 4th was the first time - we’d been touring for about two or three weeks - and that was the first time that I got ‘shivers’, my spine was tingling, just from the sheer thrill of masses of people singing along to every song, and just being so excited - ‘Ah, right, that’s why I do this, this is what it’s all about...’

                                         i /m/i\s/s\ them

                                         i /m/i\s/s\ them